The professional staff at Reindeer Graphics has an extensive background in computer science, material science, biomedical engineering, forensic image analysis, and other related fields. We have over 35 years of experience in solving engineering problems related to imaging and imaging systems, as well as teaching image analysis skills to technical personnel.

Our software is running in systems ranging from optical, electron, and atomic force microscopes to satellites, radars, and fingerprint labs. We've worked on custom inspection solutions for assembly lines, semiconductor manufacture, and drug testing. We provide custom solutions for desktop, distributed, and embedded environments. Our hallmarks of design are modularity and portability.
We are available to provide services to your company and/or lab in the following areas:
  • Automation of image acquisition and analysis
  • Design of inspection and acquisition apparatus
  • Custom modular, cross-platform software for image analysis (using an Agile/Scrum development risk-adverse methodology)
  • Expert systems for image analysis and pattern recognition
  • Forensic image analysis for stills, videos, and latents
  • On-site training for technical staff
  • Expert witness services
Contact us by telephone at +1 919 342 0209 or by email at to discuss details.